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Adenoneura falsifalcellum. Acalles humeralisAcythopeus aterrimus Adoretus tenuimaculatus. Aleyrodes hibisci sonchi Woodward OK hot wife boutelouae Aphids, list of Aphis bambusae brassicaegossypii maidismedicag-inis myosotidis pappaveris sacchariswezeyi Apiomorpha duplex Arctocorixa blackburni Aspidiotus camelliae cyAnophyllicydoniaedestructor flcus lataniae rapaxAsterolecaniuni Adulr Atractomorpha crenaticeps Achatinella lymaniana Birds, introduction of Blackburn, Rev.

Thomas, letter from obituary of.

Alexander, biography of. Page 9, "Pison iridipennis" mentioned was later identified as Pison argentatum. Honolulu, Hawaii No. Swezey — Nymph of Dictyophorodelnhax mirabilis.

Experiment Station, Mr. GiflFard in the chair. Carter, Henry Holmes. Kirkaldy exhibited a large and interesting collection of Chinese Heteroptera.

Swezey exhibited specimens and gave the following description: October, Nymph of Didyophorodelpha.

Looking Horny People Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii

December 5,I obtained an adult and 2 nymphs of this species from the same ridge of Konahnanui on which I first collected 4 adult specimens in February, Soc, I, p. I was unable to determine its food- plant, however, whether it Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii fern, grass, or sedge, or some- thing else. These being mixed together where I had swept with the net each time when a specimen was obtained.

Nymph — whitish with pale brown marRIngs on tegminal-pads, sides of thorax and abdomen. A fuscous streak on side of head pro- longation.

Legs white, with 2 black spots on dorsal side of tibiae Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii one nearer base small, the one nearer apex larger, those on pos- terior tibiae smaller than those on the Cihy tibiae; tips of tarsi black, a black spot at apex of basal joint of hind tarsi. Prolongation of head about as long as head and thorax together.

Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii

Two short black-tipped spines on outer side of hind tibiae, one near base, the other a little beyond middle. Calcar of hind tibiae with tiny Hawaji teeth. Dictyophorodelphax mirabitis. The thirty-seventh regular meeting was held at the usual place, Mr. Giffard in the chair. Perkins and Mr. Kotinsky were appointed a committee to draw up and submit to the Lookkng a list of popular names of the more common economic insects in order to secure uni- formity of use among the local entomologists.

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BY DK. This paper consisted of general remarks on a number of chiefly undescribed insects, the descriptions of which will appear Lonely old ladies in Anchorage Alaska. Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii History of Camdrina. This ISToctuid has become quite numerous in Honolulu and the adjacent mountains within the past two or three years.

Perkins had taken specimens a few years previously. During the summer of certain black caterpillars were Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii by Mr. Giffard and Dr. Perkins very abundant on Mt. These on rearing proved to be the moth under consideration. A few months later the same caterpillars were found abundant at Maunawili, by Messrs. Giffard and Terry. Since that time, the caterpillars and moths have been observed by different ones at different places in the vicinity of Honolulu and the south- east end of the island.

The moth has also been taken on Maui. Dyar of the U.

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Museum, who identified them as Caradrima reclusa Wlk. They probably had fed on the leaves of the very small trees, which were coming up very numerously, and other herbatre: Soc, II, No.

Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii

It evi- deiitlj reached Hawaii from the latter place. In Adlut,I caught in my house at Ivaimuki a female of this moth, which deposited eggs during the night, and I was enabled to make complete observations on the life his- tory.

The eggs were not laid in a mass or cluster, but scattered around singly, Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii two or three together on the surface of leaves ; in several places, 5, 7 Audlt 8 respectively, were nearly in rows on Cock in my Kenora pussy surface of grass leaves ; there were also eggs on the cloth covering the jar in which she was retained ; in one place, 9 were closely clustered together.

There were- eggs in all. The moth died the 4th day. Eggs hatched in 5 days. The hairs in tubercles quite prominent, dark. They eat off the surface of leaves, leaving one epidermis. They now use abdominal prolegs of segments 9 and 10 others rudimentary and still crawl by a looping motion. They now eat holes thru the tender leaves ; but in older leaves, leave one epidermis.

All prolegs now fully developed. Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii full-grown inm. When disturbed the caterpillars drop from the leaf where feeding and mostly lie straight and rigid, feigning death. When smaller they dropped and curled up when disturbed. They did not take readily to Bbw seeking date. In nature they have not been found injuring any cultivated plant or crop, but it is possible that Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii might do so later on if they become more abundant.

The five molts occur at intervals of days, usually about 4 days ; and the Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii become full-grown in days. The pupa is formed in the soil, an inch or two below the sur- face.

It is 5mm. Pupal period days. MAjRCH 5th, Tlie thirty-eighth Xxx Barueri wi chat meeting was held in the usual place, Mr. Kuhns, J. Waldron, A. Waterhouse, H. He discovered the cater- pillar in large numbers on one of his trees on January 11th, of the present year and brought them to the Board's entomolo- gists who could not identify it with anything known to them.

Upon further study and subsequent breeding by Messrs. Craw, Kotinsky, Swezey and Jordan it proved to be the above named species. All stages of the insect were observed and parasites Trichogramma pretiosa bred from the eggs.

Swezey called attention to the remarkable color variation in the cater- pillars, of which scarcely two were alike, nor was there any apparent relation between colors and Lsnai. Kotinsky spoke of the peculiar Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii of the insect to a single tree in the vicinity investigated.

The identity of the tree could not be ascertained as no flower of it was ever seen.

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Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii insect was known to have injured the tree for the past two or three years, but hitherto undiscovered. Perkins wished to record the presence on these islands of two parasitic Tlymenoptera remarkable for similarity in appearance, yet belonging to what he considers two distinct genera, both of which are new Citty to be described. Both are common in Honolulu and belong to the family Scelionidae, sub-family Baemae; one or both of them may be parasitic on eggs of foreign Hcteroptera, though from the habits of allied species they would be expected to breed in spiders Reynosa hot women. The male has 12 antennal segments, the female 7 with a solid club.

One of these Adukt will be named Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii, the other Dyscritoljaeus.

Looikng on the Life-History of Cha. It is but recently Hwwaii I discovered the method of egg-laying of this Tachina fly. It is usually stated in entomological litera- ture that Tachina flies lay their eggs on the bodies of their hosts ; in fact with certain species the act has been observed, but for far the greater number of them, the loooking of egg-laying has not been observedor at any rate Adulr recorded.

The eggs of this lot of cutworms were hatched in breeding cage and grew to maturity without the possibility of access of a Tachina fly ; hence, considerable of a mystery arose Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii Hot horny Wigan chicks Tachinids than moths bred out from the lot. I, pp. This mystery was not cleared up till in February,when in watching a female Chaetogaedia, as I supposed hunting for caterpillars amongst grass and weeds, I observed that she was laying eggs on the grass leaves.

She would quickly crawl around among the leaves, only stopping momentarily to place an egg here and there on the Adult looking nsa Lanai City Hawaii of a leaf, never more than one per leaf.