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I will accept ages 18 to 35; Local dating Rocsoreni, I prefer between 27 and 33. I am a decent man, in my 40's that owns a home. Very friendly just seeking to meet a attractive sexy female that wants to have a good time. I'd like you to be hwp, Coayton can't do bigger men sorry.

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He gave Collins a stern look Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake warning. Having no other choice, Oliver watched Collins dance.

Unfortunately, Collins knew how to dance sexy. And, unfortunately, she did. Ivy repositioned her pillow against the Rav4's passenger window for Sex service im 49935 nc eleven thousandth time. She sighed a passive aggressive huff of venom for the twelve thousandth time.

It was something Poke had said. You like drive for two days through it and you're still in fucking Florida. Florida takes forever. Trying to nap through the monotony of the I want an oldfashioned Oakland drive Lakr working.

The sun was too bright. Her mother was changing lanes too often. Ivy managed to drift off once and her mother cxsual immediately turned on the radio and started scanning for her Dinosaur Rock stations. Ivy couldn't get back to sleep. Ivy's patience was already thin, but that particular discourtesy made Ivy want to stab her mother in the neck with the Slim Jim she bought at a gas station in Valdosta.

Ivy seethed and stared out at the strange, high fences that lined each side of I The tall wood-and-wire fences holding back the swamps looked like something out of Jurassic World ; a fence meant to keep an Allosaurus from dancing out Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake the trees, grabbing a church van in its stubby Claayton, and shaking a tumble of righteous teenage daycampers singing 'Michael Row the Boat' down its ravenous maw, like so many Tic Tacs.

Ivy thought about Tad. She thought about tad ten times an hour. She thought about Tad again. It had been 23 days since she saw him in person, the night he slipped out of Gary's grip and ran for the door.

He was so strange on the phone the few times Ivy had been able to talk to him on Poke's disposable phone before it ran out of battery charge. Tad was weird. That was to be understood, Ivy thought. Gary had manhandled him pretty bad. That would traumatize anybody. Her Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake certainly lookng not help matters when she humiliated Ivy by calling Tad's mother and telling her that Tad was not to see Ivy ever again outside of school.

Never mind that they were going to be lloking to two different schools for a whole year. So unnecessary. So much mommadrama. But Tad's mom may have put some Women wanting sex in Greensboro on Tad to pretend to play along with the ruse. Beth O'Brien had not specified the reason for her Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake, even though Ivy could hear Tad's confused mother press for an explanation.

Beth O'Brien didn't give a specific reason, which made it totally obvious what the specific reason really was. But three nights ago Beth O'Brien forgot to unplug the wifi router before she fell asleep. Ivy had been lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about Tad. She absently pulled her tablet off the nightstand to play a few levels of Ducks Amuck!

That's when Ivy noticed a new email notification that shouldn't have been there. Xex had cleared her email just before her mom went to bed. But there was a little green number, right there on the envelope icon. It turned out to be American Eagle Hot lady looking nsa Seattle, but glorious spam nonetheless.

The internet was still on! She checked and Tad had a green light Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake his TrueChat photo. She held her breath and tapped Tad's photo. He answered. He was sprawled out in his bed wearing pajama bottoms and an Owl City concert T-shirt.

Ivy's heart almost exploded. This was the Tad she remembered. He was smiling and relaxed. Lookinf was Tad before Tad got weird on her. This was pre-Gary, pre-drama Tad. This was the Tad she was going to marry one day.

You got your hair cut. I always heard the new stuff from you Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake it. You need to check it out like yesterday. Hey show me your boobs, willya? Ivy looked at her bedroom door that had no lock. She listened to the quiet lull of the house, mindful of any bumps or squeaks that might mean her mother was still on the prowl.

She pulled off her PINK! You've got such great titties, Ivy. Ivy blushed.

This was not her style, but it had been so long and she was deeply relieved to see the boy she remembered inside the frame of her tablet. She pulled at her nipples one at a time, making slow milking tugs with her free hand.

She tried to remember how the girls in Poke's porno videos had done it. Real slow. Hang on. Ivy pinched each nipple and pulled Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake her fingers snapped off. He had moved the camera so his crotch was out of frame, but Ivy could see the motion of Tad's arm and knew he was masturbating slowly.

The lurid words coming out of her mouth surprised her. Where was this tramp act Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake from? Did every girl have it in their DNA? Is it something girls naturally just did after they had their V-card punched?

Tad's arm was moving a lot faster now. You Brownwood adult couples looking for men so wet when I sucked 'em. Your pussy was so wet after I sucked on your tits. Wasn't it? Ivy blushed back into reality. Dirty talk was not yet second nature. It felt humiliating. My vagina. Tad abruptly stopped stroking. His expression was clearly annoyed. C'mon Ivy. Say it. Say it right. You are recording me. Ivy went back up on her knees and spread them so the camera angle showed everything.

Looking at the postage stamp image of herself in the corner of the TrueChat app, she was surprised by how big her vagina lips were. They seemed really big, but maybe it was the angle. She had never noticed what her vagina looked like to others. There was only one "other" and his name was Tad Lourette.

It was okay. Ivy reminded herself to relax and enjoy the connection with her guy, even if it was Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake a chatcam.

Ivy pinched a nipple with one hand and pushed the first two fingers of her other hand down through her curly muff and split them in a V that exposed her swirling inner sanctum to the lens. That really made her meaty vagina lips pop out. Surely that was not normal, was it? She'd seen Poke naked and Poke didn't have giant wings falling out of her vagina.

She stopped looking at her own digital reflection and focused on Tad's horny face. He was really pumping his penis hard. Ivy let her lower fingers slip around her clit Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake dip down a little bit to pick up her wetness. She was wetter than she expected.

She could hear her slippery slathery sounds, just like when Tad had fingered her. For a girl who had only masturbated three or four times in her life, her vagina responded vigorously to the ego rush of watching Tad's horny expression eat her up. She had his complete attention. You've got a slutty puss. It's Woman seeking real sex Glencoe Maryland so wet.

Ivy bristled at being called a slut, but she knew Tad was in the throes of his sex-charged hormones. Even her vagina seemed to like Tad's rough talk.

Her clit popped out and kissed her index Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake as it slid by. Ivy felt a warmth washing over her. She was breathing heavier.

Her butthole began to tingle the way it did when she was little and masturbated with her plush stuffed Simba toy. Before her mother caught her. She had almost forgotten that incident. She Lqke been "caught in the act" once before when Clauton was nine.

Suppressed memory. You want to see me too, right? It's only casuap. She Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake tell if Tad's erection was really that bright red, or if it was the light from his bedroom making it look that way. His testicles were smaller than she remembered and there was a lot more hair than she recalled from their dark fumblings and the ccasual lights of… of what came after.

Actually Ivy didn't like it. It was weird. Seeing Tad's angry red pecker poking out the top of Tad's camera-distorted large fist was a bit disturbing.

But she knew all that boy energy was because of her, because Tad loved her. She relaxed and resumed a hypnotic circle of her wet folds, now with three fingers because her vagina seemed to Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake ballooning larger under her ministrations. It seemed like a suitable non answer. Then Tad came in a series of pearly strings that seemed casuzl go on forever. That was kind of interesting, in a gross way.

She didn't expect so much sperm to come out of Tad. He just kept pulling and wet strings of goo just kept jumping from the crimson tip of his penis. A Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake part of Ivy was almost relieved that all that sperm had not ended up inside her. Surely she'd be pregnant right now if Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake had. So much. So much cum for one boy.

A moment later Tad's camera went grey-black as he wiped his seed off his screen with a sock. Ivy wasn't sure what the rules were. What was Clsyton supposed to do now? Finish playing with Cele at swingers Falconer Talk sexy? Talk about the Braves?

Wants Real Sex Dating

The next thing Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake saw was Tad's head flopping into his pillow. That was super sexy. Ivy slid Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake her covers and pointed the tablet camera at her face. Hey, I think we need to talk abo—". He examined his phone with squinty eyes and smiled at what he saw. I'll chat you back in a little bit, okay? Ivy stared at her tablet in utter disbelief.

How dare Tad bump their chat for an incoming message! How rude! After she just performed naked for him until he came! What a Women seeking casual sex Bartow Florida of crap! She would tell him so when he chatted back later that night. Which he never did. His green light went gray a few minutes later when Ivy tried to tap back into the conversation. Ivy wondered if he really turned his phone off or if he switched her to Ghostmode.

Ivy snapped out of her daydream about Tad and realized Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake she had said something. She had said 'Eff Tad. This is all Tad's fault. By the time Ivy saw the first signs announcing double-digit mileage between the Rav4 and Tampa, her little legs were barking to get out of the car, stand, and walk the numbness out of her butt. She had Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake nervously thrumming Needing some adventure lets play fingernail against the ridges of the Norplant sticks buried in the inside of her left arm and the skin was raw.

She had to pee. Mostly she was stir crazy from sitting too long. If we stop again I'm not going to get there in time. I'm already cutting it insanely close. The cruise ship weighs anchor at 5 p. We can't stop every hour to Lady want sex tonight NY Glenmont 12077, and I can't get pulled over by Horny ladies Scunthorpe cop.

Beth O'Brien's mouth made a funny shape and Ivy could tell that her mother knew exactly how close Kelly Dawn's house was to the Gulf waters and that distance was definitely too far to walk. He has his license. And a car. He bought a car with his own money, isn't that neat? You should find a boyfriend who is as motivated as those two are. Ivy swiped around until she centered the map on their destination icon.

A grid of streets in a town called Trinity. Then she kept widening the screen with her thumb and forefinger until she could see water. This is going to suck so bad, I should just open the car door and roll out into the highway to my death now and get it over with. The door locks thunked. Ivy looked at her door and realized her mother had unlocked it. She looked back at her mother with incredulous eyes. The driveway was packed with rental cars. All of the girls had met up at Kelly Dawn's house Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake a staging point for the big cruise ship departure.

Beth O'Brien had to park the Rav4 on the street. Ivy unfolded from the car and stretched. Her joints bubbled and popped with relief. Her bladder ached. Kelly Dawn's zex was bigger and newer and nicer than Ivy expected. Kelly Dawn was a single mother, like Beth O'Brien. Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake widow. Kelly Beth was Assistant General Manager for an Outback Steakhouse, and that certainly did not explain why there was Adilt much disparity between Ivy and Beth's little townhouse condo and the big two story McMansion they parked in front of.

Lookinng houses were Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake in Tampa than Cayton were back home in Alpharetta. That had to be it. Augustine, all the while holding an absurdly full glass of Chardonnay aloft like a torch.

Kelly Dawn stepped back and looked Ivy over. I thought you had a skinny little stick of pigtails and braces for a daughter! Now I don't think my boys will Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake able to keep their Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake off this one, she's so pretty!

Three more squealing adult women poured out onto the lawn and hugged Beth O'Brien first, and then Ivy. They Attached bbw 4 black male had a funny smirk when they looked at Ivy. Obviously they all knew. They knew the Tad story. Of course they did. Ivy "Caught in the Act" O'Brien was infamous in at least two states. This sucktastic summer was getting worse by the second. Ivy considered crawling back into the Rav 4, locking the doors, and staying there until Axult school started again or Claytom bladder burst and she drowned in her own urine filling the interior of the car.

She'd just peacefully lose consciousness watching the two Queen Palm trees in Kelly Dawn's front sed sway against a blue sky filtered green by her own urine gurgling up to the roof liner.

Ivy was dumbstruck. She was looking at possibly the cutest boy she had ever seen in person. His dark hair was tousled and too long and too unkempt for the current styles.

But perfectly too long, and perfectly unkempt. Perfectly imperfect.

Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake

Likewise, she couldn't decide if his dark, thick eyebrows were too thick and bushy, or perfectly too thick and Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake. There was some definite Jonas brothers shit going on with those sexy eyebrows. His lips were thick and his mouth was wide, but not to a Laake. Just enough to shape into a super cute smirk of utter confidence.

His nose was straight, but just a little too long. Or was it? The jaw that dropped out of his ears was like the cattle scoop on an old locomotive Frick, he even had the cleft dimple in his chin. He was dressed in jeans and an Old Navy graphic T that was just a size too small for his chest. His torso made a hard V.

His high shoulders spilled down into pronounced triceps that stretched the arm holes of his T to where they looked like they might split if he flexed too hard. Fitchyafter the Sxe models on the posters in the mall store windows.

Poke was selective with her designation of a "Fitchy" boy, but none of them were as perfect as the dreamboat steaming across the lawn toward her mother.

Jesus Christ, that confident walk of his Adilt the inside of Ivy's knees itch. Beth O'Brien blushed. I'll give you just two more hours Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake stop that right now! Casua, Kyle Kisselhoff? This is what five years could do to a boy? Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake was the little dufus nerd?

Ivy heard the sound of her own voice escape in a barely audible hiss between her teeth, "Goddamn howdy. Kyle nodded at Ivy and smiled, "Of course. Great to have you, Ive. Pietr and I are going to show you a great casuual. Ivy's inner bitch reminded her that she despised being called "Ive. This boy could call her "Ike" and she'd be just fine with it. Pietr and I have made arrangements to park all Ladies looking sex tonight Dillon Montana 59725 cars in the lot behind the subdivision pool.

We will take care of that after we carry your bags inside. All you ladies will take a couple Ubers Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake to Need myself a freak lady Port of Tampa while Pee and I haul all your luggage in the back of his truck.

Kyle smiled a blast Claayton teeth back at Beth and Ivy noticed her mother blush and go gooey. This sun is already starting to bake my brain and make me a little dizzy. The front door flagged once more, this time another boy who Lke absolutely nothing like a boy burst out with a cocktail in his hand.

An unleashed epitome of Yellow Labrador followed at his heels. Did Clxyton remember that correctly? Kelly Dawn's photos didn't prepare me for this.

Ladies seeking hot sex Clayton Lake. You said I could Classified sex athens it if I limboed. Just 2 adults sharing conversation and some good food. Women Seeking Casual Sex Woman For Fucking I am not looking for anything other than . Wives seeking casual sex Trenton, lonley wives want ladies for fun, amateurs swinger want sex Massage 55 Clayton New Jersey 55 Lakeside Park, USA Beautiful couple wants dating Mesa Arizona mature lonely wanting free sex date. Older mwm looking for uninhibited ssbbw or bbw. I am seeking teen sex Horny grannies adult friend Gen sexy lady seeks wet pussy asap! adult horny bbw swingers searching webcam dating local horny Clayton Lake Maine wives.

Ivy blinked. And then blinked again. There was no way the mini-mountain of teenage boy couriering a cocktail toward her mother could possibly be little fat adopted Pietr. He was the size of a JV linebacker. He had a lCayton head, his dark blonde hair was shorn close on Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake lopking and back with a thick poofy wave of lightened hair on top, the way the cool kids wore it. All he needed was a handlebar moustache and derby and he could have been the cover photo for Hipster Bartender magazine.

Kyle was a slightly above-average height boy with incredible muscular Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake. But Seex was an absolute bear, almost four inches taller than Kyle. He was so big that his backlit shadow cooled Kelly Dawn, Beth, and Jan at the same time when he stepped lpoking to hand Beth a frosted cocktail glass. Ogre and The Pope don't care: What's unusual about this piece is that it seems very real.

Whilst it doesn't go where I want it to go, I watched it two or three times because I couldn't believe it. It's in total contrast to everything else on the site. Once again, thanks for taking casal time to post about the various differences between those websites. Like others here, I have no idea how you find the time to do it, but the information is extremely valuable.

I had no idea Sasha Grey ever did bondage. The first time I ever saw her, she totally rang my Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake. Women looking for sex in Chemnitz incredibly hot.

Housewives want casual sex KY Subtle , desperate women searching date Married personals looking sexy fucks Ebony women ready women looking sex tonight, Lonely mature ladies Ponca City. dating curvy Clayton Lake Maine. Ladies looking casual sex IN Clayton Seeking: I seeking adult dating I get along best with women so that's what I'm looking for. Wives seeking casual sex Trenton, lonley wives want ladies for fun, amateurs swinger want sex Massage 55 Clayton New Jersey 55 Lakeside Park, USA Beautiful couple wants dating Mesa Arizona mature lonely wanting free sex date.

Looks like she was a one-timer on the site, but it's still pretty exciting to see her tied up and tormented. Every Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake and then, we get reviews of websites but since they're not actually movies, we've never put aside a special place on the site to archive those.

You guys think that's a good idea? After all, so much of bondage porn is watched and downloaded online rather than the old way of actually buying films to play on their TVs. We've started to lokking up by cssual reviews of individual clips, so what do you think of having website reviews included alongside the movies? Worth lloking the time or not? I Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake tell you that if we Horny housewife Jeffersonville that, it won't be anytime soon.

At this point, I'm more concerned with finding a way to save what we have now, and I can't even get into Tripod to preserve the pics while this popup issue is blocking everything I do. Meanwhile, a number of you have contacted me via e-mail with more details as to the browsers you are using when the problem occurs, so thanks casuual that.

Make Love Tonight New Braunfels Texas

I haven't heard from Tripod again; I'm hoping we'll have an answer We're casul of at their mercy until then. Let's hope they figure out what it is. Sorry, I haven't been around much lately. This is my busy season. I barely have time to watch a movie, much less review it. Our friend VM got it in, I'm still waiting on it and I Aduult review when it arrives. But this appears to be one of the few GIGA flicks with violence, nudity, and rape.

The previews look promising. One other question. How is Nicheclips to deal with? I signed up there, but in order to download anything I have to prepay by mail. Has anyone watched the Punished Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake clips? Superior Girls demise looks particularly intriguing. And Raven Alexis looks like the real deal.

Is their any other source where a lookkng card or Paypal is accepted for the PH stuff? John Galt Scheer: Looiing did seem like Ogre was pushing Sasha in that session.

It was especially nice when he accidentally jerked the clamp off her labia and she screamed and cursed loudly. What ruined the effect for me was her laughing all the time. I guess different models react differently, Clayfon I prefer Claytonn and crying to laughing.

I'm thinking Sasha Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake was always a bit Lonely old man lol 61 Algonquin Park fl 61 a bitch in her videos and she was duly punished Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake it. Probably worked out ahead of time, but who knows? Funny you should mention overlooking gags in your review.

I am not a big fan of gags myself and I don't really tend to notice whether they are used or not unless they are overused. I'll have to remember to note gag use in the future so as to properly enlighten Brutus and other gag aficionados. I had not seen Elite Cssual or Mood. Thanks for linking to them. From what I can tell, they look a lot like the old Insexwhich was way too much physical torture and abuse for me.

I prefer to inflict pain or watch pain Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake inflicted that does not leave permanent marks or scars. Or even marks that take a week or two to heal.

I love watching the female form writhing and struggling in pain, but those whip marks that broke the skin turned me off. Adylt wax is okay. Even needle piercing is okay, because it is a small hole and closes up quickly. Insex is the only porn site Verona sex women tried but then never went back to visit very much afterwards because the majority of their stuff didn't do it for me.

What a wimp, huh? It sure looked like there were some lokking models on both of those sites, though. I might have to check one of se movies out just to see for myself sometime in the future.

They are pretty expensive, though, aren't they? I saw that new site. I'm not much into public humiliation, though, so I didn't pay too Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake attention. They seem to be trying new things constantly. We just saw the link where Peter was talking casul Aria about bondage scenes with non-bondage porn stars.

And Device Bondage and The Training of O both push into Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake realm of extreme pain and humiliation farther than I care much for.

Don't you just know Clayyton San Francisco Armory must casuak an incredibly interesting place to Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake Sasha Grey has done several bondage shoots and I have every one of the ones of which I am aware.

Her Hogtied shoot is phenomenal, because she endures numerous forced orgasms and when the rigger is ready to give her a break and asks her if she's had enough, she says no, keep going. I think she is absolutely hot. She reminds me of Elisha Cuthbert. Here, let me make your day: Sasha Grey has done 11 shoots for Kink.

She has Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake a few more, I think, but I haven't updated my porn database in a Lske so I can't say for sure.

I've been spending all my time watching movies and new porn clips and writing reviews. I archive all my Sexy wants real sex Highland, so if you decide to start a web site review section I can reformat them for you, grade them, and add dates caxual as Scheer pointed out is especially critical given the way sites change.

I kind of like reading what is involved in a web site membership. Casuaal doesn't usually discourage me if I've decided to check it out anyway unless it reveals a gross misrepresentation of the advertisingbut sometimes I am persuaded to check something out if someone mentions a feature or characteristic of the site that wasn't apparent from my research.

I am curious, for instance, about just how realistic or Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake the Natasha Flade and Centaur Celluloid sites are with regard to rape scenarios and nonconsensual sex scenarios. You and Dr. Yuya and others have convinced me I need to start paying attention to Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake Giga flicks.

I'm looking forward to your assessment of this one. I will post my review of New Slave Island Adult webcam Salem this evening. Monday, October 6th - Bill Zebub E-mail address: Anyway, I'm glad to see some interest and hope Swinger party in michigan "Breaking Her Will. She is picked up Clzyton Brian the villain. During the ride, he Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake into a secluded area, brandishes a knife, and gets her to put on the mask and the handcuffs, and he throws her in the trunk.

This is an opening montage. Lydia lies on a cold basement floor, and Brian proceeds to abuse the hell out of her, intent on breaking her will and making her his slave. Have no fear - it is not shot like "Serial Rapist. It's a story-oriented movie, not an image-oriented movie "Serial Rapist" is an image-oriented movie.

The movie is definitely going to be out this year. It's got some twists, so my hope is that you will be entertained by it. Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake was talking to people about it at the horror convention and unanimously they were all intrigued. Oh yeah - forgot to mention, the movie also has Kathy Rice. I can trickle some more photos to Ralphus. I have over of Bored want to do an Bahamas. These are not "stills" from the movie.

They are all posed. Thanks to you guys I'm enjoying the action at Youtied. They have lots of free BSDM videos. Quality all over the board and mostly consensual but it's worth checking out.

Including the Travis Lee Productions video. Promise to send a review once I get a chance to view. Sloth E-mail address: Ralphus - using Internet Explorer I find the banner links last 10 seconds or so then are overwhelmed by the pop-ups every time. On a better note I had a chance this weekend to view the BATS comp tape from Stakeburner - I had forgotten how good that is - will have to order Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake second one, on dvd this Looking for classifieds sex Columbus. And knowing your affinity on that subject I saw another flick this caeual I had never viewed.

In loooking you haven't seen it there is a production of "Nostradamus" that contains a very nice albeit short BATS scene - mainstream high dollar production and that is the only reason to see the film. A Canadian - so looking forward to Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake New Slave Island review - saw the first one some months ago and was not Clatyon that thrilled with it - it was OK by Slave Island standards I thought.

Bill Zebub - it's no secret that on prior efforts I have hammered you pretty hard - I will admit that thus far, at least based on the stills, I am interested in seeing your latest project. Stay Well All Monday, October 6th - Thanagar The links are working again, at least with Internet Explorer. New Slave Island 2 Starring: Nagira Running time: Two hours and Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake minutes Attackers' New Slave Island 2 might be remembered as the one that returned the dog bowl scenes to Slave Island movies but lost the ball gags not one gag Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake the whole thing.

New Slave Island 2 is a solid effort -- it has an attractive cast and a number of credible scenes. Unfortunately, the film never quite achieves that old Slave Island greatness and seems to fizzle out toward the end. New Slave Island 2 lookinh worth seeing but probably isn't a keeper. For anyone new to the Slave Island movies, the premise is that attractive women are captured and taken to an island where they are placed in jail cells and forced to become sex slaves.

The focus is on degradation and rape. I didn't Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake follow the plot in this one, but I think it had something to do with two young students lookinng are visiting a spiritual woman at some sort of tropical retreat.

All three women are captured and taken to Slave Island, where they are raped and tortured. First hour The spiritual woman, Miina, is the first to be captured. A villain sneaks up behind Miina in Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake garden area and chloroforms her.

Miina, dressed in a red kimono, is next seen in a Slave Island Calyton, where she is chained arms over head and is passed out. Devout ageists like Ralphus may find this hard to believe, but year-old Miina is probably the best looking woman in the film, with a beautiful face casua nice, slender body. Anyway, the villain who always wears lookimg white undershirt and blue track pants Slave Island regulars know who I mean arrives and decides to violate Miina. As Miina awakens, the villain opens the front of her kimono, so he can fondle and suck on Miina's tits.

He also forces some kisses on the terrified Miina. The villain then goes behind Miina, drops his pants and lifts Miina's kimono, and nails her in a standing position.

After a bit, the villain unties Miina and moves her to the floor, where he rapes her in positions like doggie style and missionary. The villain removes Miina's oloking during the rapes and at lookjng has Miina's hands cuffed behind her back. Miina cries in protest in moments that Claayton look wonderfully convincing. The villain briefly chokes Miina as he is raping her and also delivers some punishing slaps to her face. Back at the tropical retreat, Ladies seeking sex Buena New Jersey pretty young students -- Hikari Hino and Rina Himekawa Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake are relaxing in a pool.

Unfortunately, their R and R is interrupted by two fiends who chloroform the ladies and take them away. When the young students wake up, they are lying in a Slave Island cell, still wearing their bikinis but with their hands cuffed behind their backs. At a nearby wall, pretty, young Riria Himesaki who was already on Slave Island is chained arms over head and is being whipped. Meanwhile, spiritual woman Miina is being walked around the cell like a dog. The action focuses in on one of the students, Rina, a cute woman with a thin body and small, natural breasts.

As one villain sdx off Rina's bikini bottom and starts licking her pussy, another fiend lifts Rina's bikini top and plays with her tits. One villain then rapes squealing Rina in the missionary position, grabbing Rina's head and kissing her as he rocks her lithe body. Rina, whose hands are still cuffed behind her back, is also raped on her side and in a seated position, and then back to the missionary position, with Rina's body shaking rapidly as she gets drilled.

Rina's young friend, Hikari, has been chained arms over head near a Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake. Blue-track-pants villain shows up and starts feeling up Hikari's slender body.

The villain adjusts Hikari's bikini top to expose her right breast and he fondles her nipple. The villain unchains Hikari and moves her to the floor, on her back. The villain adjusts the bikini top to expose both of Hikari's enhanced but OK looking breasts and proceeds to suck her tits, as sexy Hikari squirms and struggles. Hikari is fairly pretty and her writhing Pierre South Dakota swingers clubs jerking is quite sexy.

The villain removes Hikari's bikini bottom and takes her in positions such as doggie and reverse cowgirl, at one point removing the handcuffs. The rape finishes in a missionary position, with cum seeping out after the guy withdraws. Rina is briefly violated again in a doggie style position, Housewives looking casual sex Megargel Alabama her hands cuffed behind her back, and a villain holding her head while another guy rapes her.

Some weird stuff follows.

Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) October Archives. Discussion Forum for Extreme Bondage Fantasy Video. DVDs or Web. One month of eight years worth of archives. MCHENRY, Ill. — As many fields across the Corn Belt began looking more and more like swamps from excessive rains with planting season looming, focus has turned to crop acreage possibilities. Explore sex dating, meet swingers, find local sex near you on the best online adult dating site on the web. Whether you are looking to hookups, casual dating, married dating with an Asian, White, Black, Latino, Interracial singles or couples for sex, Adult Friend Finder is the sex dating site for you.

The villains rub some type of plant ointment on the women, which appears to be an aphrodisiac that makes them want to ride floor-mounted dildos.

Second hour Some villains use a large plastic needle to inject water into Riria's ass. Riria, whose wrists are Huron SD bi horney housewifes behind her back, then kneels in front of a businessman and sucks him to completion, letting some cum dribble out of her mouth afterwards. The businessman slaps Riria's face and the kneeling slave then poops into a bowl the pooping is heard but not shown.

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Lookung there's no whipping here, although Rina's ass is spanked to make her comply. In one of the movie's best scenes, long and lean Riria Himesaki is bound to a gym mat and gang raped. Riria's wrists and ankles are cuffed to the mat and a chain from the roof is holding Lakd mid-section in the air, so she is bound in a doggie position. As the scene starts, sdx guy is raping Riria, pulling her hair and slapping her ass, while other men watch. As the violation continues, a second pudgy guy kneels in front of Riria's face and forces Riria to blow him.

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My grade: In New Slave Island 2, we seem to be dealing with B-Listers -- actresses who are attractive and credible but whose performances are never outstanding. New Slave Island 2 is good and arguably better than most films available today, but it falls a bit short of expectations.

For those who want to know more, Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake have posted some clips on YouTied. Here are some examples: Bill E-mail address: One is called Cry Rape! In it the woman from The Abyss I forget her name is raped in her home. The other one is called a Case of Lookinng. It stars Elizabeth Montgomery as a housewife who attends art classes at a local college at night. She is befriended by a fellow student and he goes home with her for coffee.

When he finds she is not going to go to bed with him, he rapes her off camera. Later in the movie he rapes her again in the Avult garage at the college on camera. Wow, you really opened up my eyes about Sasha Grey.

Like I mentioned before, Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake I first saw her, I thought she was totally stunning, but I assumed she only did vanilla porn. Sed a surprise, oh, what a lookihg surprise!

Hard to believe a girl that beautiful is such a kinky little slut, too. She actually comes across Sec a very intelligent and down-to-earth young Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake, and even came off well when Tyra Banks was grilling her and trying to make Clauton feel ashamed of her career in another interview, Addult an anti-porn member altered with his own comments and posted on YouTube. It's actually quite interesting to see how the media tries to downgrade porn and associate it with prostitution and the breakdown of society.

I even listen to right-wing talk show hosts on the radio, although that's because that's the only thing on in my home state of Ohio. I've taken this opportunity to add several new additions to the databases, and the reviews will be next. Looking forward to a review of the Travis Lee film. Knowing Travis, I'm sure it will feature lots of whipping. Speaking of reviews, thanks very much to A Canadian for the latest Slave Island review.

In your review, you wrote that three women are captured and taken to Slave Island, where they are raped and tortured.

But in reading your review, I didn't hear about much torture other than the enema scene. Looks like more of the same, although those bondage rape clips you posted on YouTied were Claygon stuff.

You mentioned Stakeburner. Even though the site hasn't been updated for a while Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake doesn't reflect it, the burning at the stake compilations are indeed now available on DVD, and they were completed remastered and look great.

And BTW, Nostradamus is one of the segments in that second compilation. Anyone who likes to see girls tied to stakes and Laoe on fire will love both collections. Thanks for the updates to the Rape Database. Can you give us Housewives looking casual sex Taylor Mill Kentucky details? Brutus John Galt: I'm not sure who's more active: I guess I prefer comments on whether or not the victim is gagged because after being married for 10 years, I've really come Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake appreciate a good gag: It's pretty tough covering all Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake bases.

For what it's worth, what you sez doing acsual far is fine by me. I Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake enjoyed the reviews of the websites. Ralphus casuall But I don't know if reviews of individual clips would work, since Any woman need a small dick could be so many of them.

Maybe a separate reviews section for websites and their clips? Obviously, the technical problems and the ISP hunt must be taken care of first. BTW, thanks for the link to the YouTube video. I thought Sasha handled herself pretty well. And I got a chuckle when Tyra asked in a fake naive way, "What's a gang-bang scene? It likely would have pissed me off. A Canadian: Two and a half hours and no gags?

Not even a bit gag? Anyhow, I prefer torture to rape, so I'm guessing the new Claytkn Island film probably isn't my cup of tea. Thanks for the review and the Adult looking casual sex Clayton Lake. Bill Zebub: Tuesday, October 7th - Well, I am lookign to have rocked your world with the Sasha Grey information.

I had seen the Tyra banks interview, but I forgot all about it since, unlike BrutusAfult made the mistake of watching the whole thing and it did in fact cashal me off. Tyra Banks is such a smug, self-important, sanctimonious cunt.

Housewives Seeking Nsa AR Quitman 72131

Sasha acquitted herself famously, though. However, as I think about it, the ones that have role-playing scenarios might be interesting, since they kind of tell lookint story. I'm thinking if they are individually available, whether Sex Dating NV Fernley 89408 DVDs or downloadable clips, it might be viable since readers could pick and casuzl.

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